used plow vs. new plow


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winterset iowa
There are getting to be quite a few good used plows on ebay. I bought mine from there about this time last year. Only thing is that they are usually a long distance away.
I drove to Colorado, closest I could find to me, and paid $900 plus gas for a decent used Western 7 1/2'.
Wish i could have used it a little more last year.
Just my experience,
Mark K


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I bought my first truck plow used, a 7 1/2' Meyers for $800, 20 some years ago. I wouldn't have a problem buying another one used, if I could find what I was looking for. Look very closely at the welds for cracks and check the fluid in the pump. Just don't get suckered in to buying junk, wait for the plow you need.

You have the '95 F-250, right?

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