used plow frames??


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Does anyone know of a way to purchase used plow frames [ truck side only] from a salvage yard or dealer? Yards in my area, northern Delaware Southern Pa., do not have such inventory. p.s. Myers or Western uni. mount.
What is the year, make, model of your truck? What kind of plow do you have? Do you want the lights to work also? I have several used plow frames but i need info. Good luck #1PT.
Jason i have new frames in stock as well, but i still need application and 2 or 4wd. Ill try a used first, it will save you some bucks. Good luck #1 PT. P.s I carry a full line of complete western plows as well as a full line of parts.

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Thanks for the response. My truck is a '78 F250 Supercab 4x4. Not sure if you need drivetrain info, it originally had a 351M with a c-6. Now has a 460/c-6. I'd possibly be interested in a complete setup, if the price is right. Shipping would probably be spendy. I guess I'd be most interested in a Western blade from 7 to 8.5 ft. But interested in anything if the price is right.
If you like you can email me with prices.

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