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Used MM1 setup...now to get it on my Jeep

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by clendaniel, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. clendaniel

    clendaniel Junior Member
    from DE
    Messages: 1

    Newbie here to the plowing world...with the amount of snow we get in DE and having multiple Jeeps I've never had the need for a plow and our driveway was at the end of a deadend road. Since we moved I now have a commuter car and a rather long driveway to contend with...combine that with getting old and lazy I could now justify a plow :D

    Long story short I recently picked up an older Fisher from a friend just like the one in this thread. It's an older 2-plug setup that was apparently mounted on a CJ in its previous life. Save for a bit of surface rust it appears solid...a little sandblasting and painting and it'll be good as new. Not bad for $100.

    Now I just need to source the parts to get it onto one (or mebbe both) of our lifted TJ's I've done some research here and on fisher's site and from what I can tell I need the following to get it onto a TJ (well, a stock-ish one):

    7163-1 - Peculiar Attachment Kit
    29051 - Headlamp Harness
    29070-1 - 3-port Isolation Module
    9400 - Handheld Control

    Now...being fairly comfortable in the realm of fabrication and having a plasma, welder, and bender I was considering just leaving off 7163-1 and fabbing my own mount since both are lifted ~4-5"

    I assume that I'll also need the following to convert the plow side to 3-plug in order for it to work:

    26359 - 3-pin control harness
    26347 - 11-pin light harness

    Does my list look complete to you guys? Anything else you see missing?

    For giggles here are the 2 rigs that it may end up being fitted to (primarily interested in getting on the yellow one...my wife's :p )