use of fisher speed-caster 2 with salt


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Only second year of sanding. Using v box on F350 for sand/salt mix. Wondering if fisher speed-caster 2 would be good for times when straight salt would be required? Should it be applied in spread pattern or close to sraigth drop? Application is on a one mile paved road.

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You can spread salt, sand, or mix with that spreader. Works great. Although Geoff recently started a thread that brought up a good point that they are difficult to service if\when they have a problem.
"Should it be applied in spread pattern or close to sraigth drop?"
I'm not sure what you mean or are asking here, but the spread pattern easily adjusts from a small swath to a large one.
If its is a fairly high traffic road I would suggest a narrow drop pattern right down the middle of the road. I use this method and notice better and quicker results with less material used. Traffic will spread the strong brine very quickly.

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