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What would the congregation suggest I use to remove sidewalk snow from a condo complex. There's about a mile of walks in this place. Is this a good application for a Honda or Toro type blower or am I thinking way to small? I'm also considering a Quad with a plow. Has anybody been in these shoes? How are you handling this type of job? There are some drives here that could be cleaned off too but most are appartment complex style or I could describe them as small pods of parking for 10 or so cars off the main drive, with lines defining the parking slot. Thanks in advance for all help. This seems wordy but hope I'm clear in my questions.

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im not a big expert by far on condo complexes, but it seems to me that a snowblower is the way to go. in a large snowstorm, i think the atv plow will be less effective. perhaps a walker or grasshopper type mower with the snowblower attachment would work?


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If you can spend entire time there,and keep up then Atv/plow might be ok. I found I could only keep a handful of driveways open with mine. Blowing clears the snow for good(if not too windy). On blowers, I learned a lesson. Narrow,high horsepower,faster,easier,than,wide blower,that in lighter conditions is great. Example, Honda 1132 excellent blower,but add wet snow,freezing rain/ice on top useless. Put back on trailer,take off Ariens 928 blows everything no strain. The Honda has a kick $$$ motor,but such a wide auger/mouth clogs-up. Narrower Ariens has torquey motor,less auger to clog. Tracks/wheels thing between these two is a thing too. Tracks are great for going up ramps into truck and such,but hate to turn it,lots of effort. Ariens with wheels and locking/unlocking diff.,easy! Just food for thought.

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