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First year out and I could really use some help. I found a company (CUE) in Pgh that sells these urethane cutting edges and I'm going to order one to use primarily for my residential customers with omnistone and paver driveways. I just have a few questions for the experts:

My equipment- 2000 3/4 Chev w/7.5 Meyer steel plow. I only have a few parking lots (all approx 40,000 sq. ft) and a hand full of residential driveways, most with omnistone or other type pavers.

Qeustions: What size urethane should I order? I know I need 90" lenght, but what about width and thickness? (I'd like to get it wide enough to be able to center drill it and use both sides).

Probably the real questions is how much should the urethane extend below the moldboard at the bottom of the the plow? If I know that I can probablyl do the math. And would you recommend that I off-center drill it so I'll have two different size cutting edges extending below the bottom of the moldboard (maybe a 1" for hard packed snow/ice and 2" for softer stuff)?

And do I need to put my steel runners back on to support the urethane?

I will truly appreciate any help. Thanx everyone.

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Just a suggestion...

Plowking35 on this forum knows about all there is to using polyurethane edges. Email him, or call him, to get the straight scoop on what to use on what equipment.

He sells them too. Not a plug, just a fact.


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The CUE edges you need to use the shoes, not so with Dino or Chucks edges, and their edges are considerably less money for what I percieve as higher quality, you just need to drill your own holes but CUE edge comes pre-drilled.


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Give me call at 860-859-0739 it will take up to uch room here to discuss all the variables.
I really dont care who you buy an edge from, as long as it isnt cue. Buy a good edge from MTS. These guys stand behind their product 100% and then some.
Also go to my web site http://www.thehousedoktor.com
and follow the urethane paper link I wrote, you will be surprised at how well they peform on all surfaces.


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Thanx Guys!!

Everyone thank you for the help. I'll give you a call this weekend Dino regarding the edges, and...I will buy from MTS! Thanx again everyone.

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