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Urethane Cutting edges and pull plows?


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I have a friends, who has just built his own pull plow simiular to the ones i have built. I was telling him about urethane edges, and how most everyone here thought they were better than steel.

Well he was going to use a stadard 7.5' 29.99 steel edge on his pull plow. Then we and i both wondered how a Urethane edge 7.5' long by 8" wide by say 1" would work on his pull plow.

My questions

1. How would the edge be effected by downpressure?
2. Can you get an edge with those specs?

BTW he has several 7.5 steel edges he could use to use on top of the urethane.

Vince, should i have him call you?



2000 Club Member
In fact Vince just came back from seeing the owner of snow man. Down pressure will work even better with urethane over steel. The edge will do some of the work, instead of just the down pressure. That edge is available and give me a call or drop me an email and I can quote you a price.
back blades and urethane edges


Dino's right on with what he said. In fact, when you use down pressure in the back, the edge works more like a polyurethane edge works on a Pro Tec, or Everest pushers. The edge will work in a compression mode due to the down pressure and like the pusher blades, will lean ever so slightly backwards to really do a nice job on the clean up.

We had excellent success at some airports last year where they back up to the terminal ramps and walkways and cleans the snow so that the equipment (moving ramps) can operate.

thanks for you good thoughts.


I got two nice geese today over in Addison Vermont. Missed about two thousand had a ball never saw so many birds.


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Vince do you have any other dealers in maine, other than what is listed on the website? Anyone in the Augusta, Lewiston Aurburn, or portland areas?

Will the compression mode equal faster wear? Even though it will take years for the edge to wear on a pull plow.


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back blades and urethane edges


No, urethane works best in compression. When I speak of compression I mean that the blade is touching the surface it is working against with the entire width of the urethane edge. This is the best angle for the urethane to work. It isn't too much different than on a front plow but sometimes the curve of the moldboard will eventually wear in the angle of attack that that particular plow develops. I hope that this makes sense to every one. I plow all the time under compression and with down and tilting pressure that my front end bucket arms allows me to do. Because of this I can constantly move my wear angles from front to back.

Geoff, if you give me a call tomorrow at the office at 603-742-5180 after 11:30 AM or here tonight at 603-763-2703, we can go over our Maine dealer situation.

thanks for you input