Upgrading the plow truck

Rob S.

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I have been doing my driveway with a 92 Pathfinder and 6.5ft
poly plow for 4-5 years. I do 2 - 3 little old ladies driveways in the neighborhood also every snow fall(for free!!) Obviously, my plowing duties are light. I never run around with the plow on the truck after the job...I always (connect then /plow/ then disconnect). I am upgrading to a Dodge or Ford. I am being told by most dealers that only the 2500 Ram and F250 Ford(generally 00/01/02 models) hold their warrantly for plowing. Yet I have a different dealer saying that the 1999 1500 fitted with a heavy duty plow package. Did something change from on the 1500 from the 99 model to the later one or is this dealer full of ####??

Can I get away with a F-150 or 1500 Ram for these light duties???

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