Update on Eric's Condition 1 11 2002


Orginally post by Paul:

NEWS FLASH 1/11/02 Eric update!!!!
Eric has been transfered to a regular room. New room # 233 bed 1. Today He took his first few steps around the hospital, things are looking good but he still has a ways to go. The Doctors are letting him have his Laptop but no he will not be able to go online for some time yet. His Wife thanks everyone for the notes and cards. I have been printing them out as they come in and giving them to him every time I see him. One more thing he now can get flowers!

And if someone could smuggle in a DSL line that would really make him happy!!


Update on Eric's condition

From JayALC:

Update 1-14-02

I (Jay ALC) just was able to personally talk to Eric for the first time since his heart attack. This is definately an immediate sign that he is doing much better. He has been given the OK to go home by his heart doctor, but he is still in the hospital due to the pneumonia which they are trying to get rid of. He has now been able to walk a little more and move around even though he is very sore from being in bed all this time. He should be able to go home within a week so long as everything continues to progress.

Eric is very appreciative of all the cards and kind gestures people have shown over the last few weeks. He is looking forward to being able to see this site again.

We will keep everyone posted, and thanks again for all of the prayers and well wishes.


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Update 1 - 16 - 02

Update 1-16-02 (originally posted by Jay ALC):

Eric will now have to stay in the hospital a while longer in order to continue fighting the pneumonia. He has been moved back to ICU for monitoring of his breathing and blood pressure due to the pneumonia.


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Good news!

Originally posted by EricELM 01/25/2002 @ 5:03 pm:

Eric ELM

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I'm Back
It was a long hard fight, but I got home this afternoon. I am still very weak and I have a long ways to go yet, but I just wanted to let everyone know my latest news.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, cards, and well wishes. It has meant a lot to me and Charlotte.

I will try to write more later.

Thanks again

Eric & Charlotte