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Well, I used a DIY bedliner on the floor of the S-10 body. I ended up not getting Herculiner, went with one made by Dupli-Color. BIG mistake! I went with it because of a couple things, first, it could be sprayed and second, they said it could go over clean bare metal. All that led me to thinkt hat spraying it over sandblasted metal would be fine. Like the country singer said, "WRONG!" The stuff dried to a brittle consistency, very thin coating (I put a gallon on 34 sg. ft. and got no real film buildup) It was showing rust in the thin spots, which were all over the place, it was almost is if if it wasn't a lump in the texture it was so thin it couldn't keep water out. I peeled it with my thumbnail. Good stuff indeed. Dupli-Color will be getting a nastygram over this product. It looks like a lot of scraping and try again, but I think I'll go commercially applied liner, I'm a little gunshy about DIY products right now.

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Alan I have used the herculiner with great results on truck beds and my atvs.If you are leary about using it you can buy a quart for about 30 bucks and try it out on something small.

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I've heard horror stories about the DIY liners, Costs a lot and if you mess up yer screwed, cant remove the stuff and its not coverd for that.
I ended up going with the Line-X spary on. Cost about $400 including over the rails, Thay also had a $30 off cupon in the phone book. Took 2 hrs from when I droped it off to when I picked it up. So downtime was nothing. Thay sprayed it perfectly missed nothing and no overspray. I still have use of all the tiedowns, hooks, drain holes, dividers. It also has a lifetime warranty, against pealing, chipping, pretty much covers everything unless you majorly dent it. and discoloration from chem. etc... Thay do have a cleaner you can spray on to bring it back to life. If something goes wrong thay will over spray the area as long as you own it.
In my mind the $400 was woth the hassle and time of appling a over the counter brand, and risking the chance of ruining a $30,000 truck. If something went wrong your on your own. If thay screw it up, thay buy the truck....

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