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Dave in Pa.

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Well the 88 F-250 (6800 gvw )6 cylinder had a 5speed aluminum cased overdrive tranny & everyone said pass on that, plus he wouldn't budge off $2000 so I bought the 84 F250 (8600 gvw) with the 4 speed manual and the 460 motor. New rubber all around, runs good, no dents, minor rust, 120k on truck, motor rebuilt sometime back, needs cosmetics and paid $1000 for it. Hope I didn't make a mistake?! It is a beast! All this to hang my western plow on for my farm & 7 or 8 driveways. If we get a couple storms I'll pay for the truck if it holds up! Thanks for all the advice, Dave (Great Site!) :drinkup:


Well Dave,,,,,,,,

This is my first time here and I saw your post. i did not go any further to see what all it was about. i can only tell you that I have a 1988 Ford f150 with almost 260,000 miles on it. This truck is original with no motor work ever being done except changing the spark plugs a few times.

I have plowed snow since this truck was new. I runa fisher plow which is heavier than a western. i plow all day long and usually into the next day when a snowstorm hits. I have never had a problem with that 5 speed trans nor any problems at all--other than an alternator burning up once. My truck still does not use oil between changes. I do not understnd why there would be a problem with a truck such as this, but i have never had a problem personally. That v300 engine is the best engine Ford ever built in my opinion. The transmission---well-----an automatic might be nicer as of the shifting. Maybe it might be time for me to change that transmission fluid after all of these years,,,,now that i think of it! you made a mistake not buying that 88 Ford!
Best to you!

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