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Update of my SnowDogg & Set-up

Discussion in 'SnowDogg Snow Plows' started by 7thInfantryDiv., Feb 2, 2009.

  1. 7thInfantryDiv.

    7thInfantryDiv. Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    So Far the SnowDogg EX75 is doing GREAT , even with a rookie like me. It plows clean and take some good abuse with curbs. I have not broken anything on the plow as of yet, (knock on wood) The F250 SD is GREAT for plowing as long as you remember to lock the front hubs!!!!!!! Forgot once and had to have a $%^# c (&^%* h %(@&^ e &^%# v #($& y pull me out, THEN, I remembered to lock the front hubs ever since. lolol As I was saying, the SnowDogg has been GREAT, no leaks, no problems other than not enough snow!!!! The only problem with the set up is the salter , IT has been a problem. 1st, I wish I had not let "Central Parts" go with that small of one Sno EX 325 and had kept the bigger one ( TGS05). They said they were the same price, but I think they may have misled me on that part of the deal. The darn salter does'nt salt, then it does, then it does'nt. I have to "clean" out the spray or spin tray before each use, and that does NOT guarantee it will work!!!! It has been such a problem, I had my son -in -law take it off and it is setting in my garage. As far as I am concerned, it is useless, me being handicapped, it is impossible for me to baby sit the spreader as I can't keep climbing in and out of the cab to "FIX" it . Does anyone know a good brand of a salter, that will hook up to my hitch and hold more than 200 lbs of salt? Preferably 400lbs of salt at least? . I doubt I will ever refer Central Parts to anyone for a salter, or possibly anything after this fiasco, tho, I have not notified Central Parts about this yet. Anyway, as I have said several times, The SNOWDOGG EX75 is GREAT!