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Unimount Plow Dims Lights/ Strains Blower Motor

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by AIMscapes, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. AIMscapes

    AIMscapes Member
    Messages: 38

    Okay, I know this was brought up before, and someone suggested that you check to make sure you have a good ground. Now, I have my solenoid grounded and my battery cables are connected tight and appropriately. I have dual batts that are pretty fresh, but the truck lights dim and the blower motor slows when I am working the plow. Any ideas or comments?
  2. twinman326

    twinman326 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,683

    First question, why would you have "truck lights" when you should have "plow lights" when the plow is hook up ( or maybe I read it wrong) ?

    A) Are you dealing with a stock alternator?

    B) For the second battery, is it a "side and top post?

    C) Are both batteries rated the same for "ca" and "cca"?

    D) Did you add a "10guage charging wire to the second battery"?

    E) Is the "plow only" working off the second battery??

    F) Did you use a "terminal strip" for your plow accessories (beacon, for lights)?

    Here is my suggestion (I already done this). Let say your talking about your 2002 chevy. If you have a stock alt, up grade to a larger amp alt. Here is the link (good high out put alt). If you don't see your alt for you vehicle, call them.They will help you. Make sure you have all the info for the truck

    http://www.db-starter-alternator.com/Alternators/High Output and 1-Wire/

    If you decide to buy one of these alt your going to need this also.. Very east to install. they show pic on the page.. Here is the link

    http://www.db-starter-alternator.co...H OUTPUT ALTERNATOR FUSE BLOCK WIRING KIT 101

    If you have any accessories for the plow (fog lights, beacon) I would recommend using a "Terminal strip or BusBar" ( everyone one call it different).You hook up your accessories to this strip. Off the back of the alt there is a stud, this is call a "bat".Using a 10guage wire, from the stud (back of the alt) to one side of the terminal strip. Now from the second battery, from the "pos side" use a 10guage wire and connect is on the other side of the strip. In the middle of the strip, that is were you hook up your accessories. (I find using a terminal strip is much simpler then attaching all the wires to the battery. (I use a "brass terminal strip" or "Busbar" ). Good auto part will sell them. or web sites..

    Links for "terminal strip/Busbar

    Look at this one. each end has studs for power and screws in the middle for accessories. (better). I would email the seller and see if you can buy it direct.


    YOU probably think " that doesn't make any logical sense, it does". When your using the plow and accessories off the second battery, the wire from the battery connected to the strip will tell the wire from the strip to the alt to charge the second battery because your draining power from the second battery. If you DON'T use any accessories, then hook a 10gauge wire from the "bat"(stub on the back of the alt) to the positive terminal on the second battery.

    The second battery should be a top and side post. Side post are for the cables (neg and pos) coming from the first battery. Top post are for the "plow" connection, pos, neg, and ground wire. (also it is good to have both batteries the same CA, CCA, )

    Also there is a "battery isolators" that charges both batteries. here is the link

    A lot if information to absorb, easy to do. Not complicate at all..
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2009