Unimount angle speed and float questions

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by Mark13, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I am barrowing a valve body for my unimount until mine gets replaced. I was able to adjust the lift/ drop speed of the plow to how I liked it, but is there a way to speed up/ slow down the angle speed? It angles to the left and right a bit slower than I would like. Also on a unimount when I drop the blade and hold the joystick down to go into float mode, should the arm on the end of the lift ram drop all the way down so the chain is loose like it would be if I was taking the plow off the truck? Right now when I drop the blade and hold down for float the cylinder stays out far enough the chain still has tension on it but the blade is fully on the ground, the cylinder does not contract until the plow drops down farther when I go in or out of a driveway.
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    No way to speed it up Mark. Think maybe the motor or pump is getting a bit weak? Should take about 4 seconds to go full angle from stop to stop. How long does your take?

    Totally normal. The weight of just the lift arm isn't enough to push the lift cyl down. You'd need a spring and cable arrangement like some of the Fisher use to physically pull the lift arm down in order to fully retract it.