Unimog or Wheel Loader???


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With snow removal as the main function, what do you think would be the best value (dollar for dollar)....... a UNIMOG or Wheel Loader?

The more I assume I need a wheel loader to push great capacity snow pushers(protech,avalanche and the like), the more I sell myself on a UNIMOG and its vast operating power and ability to be productive with snow pushers and beyond.

Can we create a list of pros and cons?



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I'm also intrigued by the Unimog, it sure seems like it would be a great snow removal machine! But from a practical standpoint, it has its drawbacks.

Others have posted that parts availability and costs are obscene, and it would be limited in the work it could do off season. The plus is it would move between sites more quickly than the loader.

The loader can also load trucks with both salt and snow, be equipped with a pusher or plow, and can stack snow much higher than the Unimag ever could. As far as power is concerned, I think both the Unimog and a mid sized loader would be about equal.

In the off season, the loader can be used as a, well, loader. For construction, bulk materials and some grading work.

My choice would be a loader.


A Unimog can be fitted with a front loader bucket, but for mainly snow removal I think a Wheel Loader would be a better investment overall for snow removal.

All the unimogs I have seen are standard transmissions.

A wheel loader can move snow with a plow, load spreaders / move salt and sand, and mount a snowpusher.

A unimog can, move snow with a plow, load spreaders / move salt sand, mount a snow blower, mount and use liquid deicing equiptment. Most repair parts for unimogs can be purchased at your local NAPA autoparts store.

Most Unimogs that are imported are 24 volt systems, so you will have to be careful of that.

Orginally the Unimog was developed for farmers in Europe after WWII. At that time farmers could buy a unimog with the attachments and not have to purchase any other major equipment for use in farming.



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The only parts you can get for the Mog at Napa are likely limited to filters, glow plugs, and engine parts that are common to MB cars, Unimog parts, like PTO bearings driveline parts transmission and hydraulic pumps, aren't even available from MB.
Even the tires I think ours had 12.5x10 18's had to come from Europe. I think the New Mogs have a torque converter and a power forward/reverse much like most modern tractors.
The Mog can also mow lawns, power a big backhoe, plow fields hauls trailers, boom frail mowers, sweep and vacuum streets and lots. There are a lot more attachments for the Unimog, then for a Bobcat, and there all bigger, plus it can travel at 60 plus MPH to and from job sites. It won't load trucks as fast or pile snow as high as a loader, but a big Unimog could easily push a 16' pusher, plus carry a few tons of salt or sand and spread it. As for summer work if your in the landscaping business it can carry and plant tress with a tree spade, level and grade lawns.
The options are only limited by your pocket book, and that freightliner seems to be treating them as a novelty item, I guess they're so into the trucking business they don't realize people plow snow, do landscaping etc in North America

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