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Uni-Mount Won't Angle

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by graycenphil, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. graycenphil

    graycenphil Member
    Messages: 82

    My Uni-Mount will not angle, on the ground or raised. It makes a bit of a noise, but nothing happens. Raises and lowers fine.

    I changed the fluid at the end of last season and the level is good now.

    Where should I start troubleshooting?

  2. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    If it won't angle in either direction, start with checking the S2 coil/valve assembly (will be the one with the light green wire) for magnetizem with a wrench or screwdriver while a helper holds the controller in the angle position. (be careful of blade movement!) Can you feel the coil pull on the screwdriver?

    If not, then you need to next check for power on the light green wire at the coil.... does it have power? If it doesn't start with cleaning and checking the grill connections... that's usually the problem with the Uni's when something on the plow side isn't working correctly..
  3. graycenphil

    graycenphil Member
    Messages: 82

    Thank you, B&B.

    I opened up the cover for the coils, got my assistant ready to test it. When I tried the controller, it angled left and right just fine! Put the cover back on and it's been working. So I guess I jiggled a wire or unstuck a valve or something. Hopefully it will keep working.

    Thanks again for the quick response.
  4. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    I'd go back and clean all the connections on the coils and also the pins in the grill connectors...and also tighten up the spade terminals where they slide onto the coil terminals, because if it fixed itself, and you didn't do anything to fix it, it will do it again.
  5. HKusp

    HKusp Member
    Messages: 33

    A wise man once told me "Mechanical things don't just fix themselves." As B&B said, if it happened once, it will happen again.
  6. graycenphil

    graycenphil Member
    Messages: 82

    Okay, so I cleaned and tightened the connections on the coils. Took apart the 9 pin and cleaned it as best as I could (it's hard to get in there) and re-greased it with dielectric. Fiddled with the plug in the cab and it seems fine.

    Most of the time, the angle works fine..but. Once in a while it does nothing and twice it did this: move joystick left, the plow moves about an inch left, then stops. Same thing if I try to go right. Plus, if I try to go left or right with the plow partly raised, it raises the rest of the way, without angling.

    Then if I plow for a while, everything works normally again.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again.
  7. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    You have too many different problems for this not to be an electrical related issue....and these issues are the exact kind of things you'll run into when the grill connectors go bad..(very common as they age)

    It'll raise instead of angling right?

    For it to do that, the S3 valve has to be getting power when it shouldn't be....

    I'd try to do a little more diagnosis when it's acting up but I'd be expecting to find a bad grill connector, either on the truck side or plow side....or both.
  8. graycenphil

    graycenphil Member
    Messages: 82

    Thanks again B&B. Does sound weird, eh?

    When that big conector goes bad, is there any option other than replacing the whole harness?
  9. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2007
  10. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    They're also available from western for the 12 pin harness,