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Uni-mount is wobbly while raised, is that alright?!


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Madison, WI
I am curious if there is supposed to be much play in the plow while its raised? My ultra mount is pretty stiff, but with my uni-mount the plow wobbles pretty easily. I tightened the pivot bolt quite a bit and it tightenend up, only for a short period of time. What else do I need to tighten every so often? I check the pivot bolt, plow edge bolts and other misc bolts periodically.


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Snowless IL.
My unimount has some play in it also while raised. I notice it mostly going in and out of driveway entrances or over really rough road sections.


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Bailey, CO
Another issue can be the long pin that is used between the upper lift frame and the drop-leg when off the vehicle.

If you put this pin back trough the holes on the upper lift frame when mounted, the A-frame will hit it before it hits the two side stops (at least on my truck) which will let the A frame and blade wobble instead of being tight against the stacking stops when lifted. Either put it through the drop-leg in its horizontal stored position or keep it in the truck.

wild bill

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check the l shaped bracket the lift chain is hooked to they some times spread and bend back .this act's as a guide for the quadrant and they can flop quit a bit if it loosens up there .tighten it up there and your pivot bolt area ,the hole and lock nut on a new bolt .


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Flint, Michigan
harley9202;521812 said:
mine was like that. I tried to tighten up the pivot bolt, but the hole was so worn, it was an oval. We filled it in and redrilled and put in new bolt. Its a lot better now.
That's what we do. We also add additional washers (welded) or steel to the top and bottom for added reinforcement. Works every time.