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Temperature has been dropping all morning, currently 34 degrees. The rain has just turned to snow, this is a record in my lifetime. I don't expect accumilation, it was in the 70s yesterday, but with the weather we've had this year, I guess nothing should surprise me. BTW, I'm near Poughkeepsie, NY, 70 miles north of NYC. I've never seen snow this late before.

I hear 2' predicted for the Adirondacks? Time to dig out the sleds?


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Claverack, NY
Yep, it's snowing like crazy here in upstate New York. Snow only sticks to grass, flowers, shurbs. Around 0.3" of snow here so far. Temp. is 35 degrees currently.

Last night forecasters called for some rain - moderate rain. Never said anything about snow.

Woke up and saw that I got near an inch of rain and its snowing like crazy. Big, thick snowflakes. It is a suprise for us in upstate New York.