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karl klein

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does anyone have a new ultra mount and do they like it i was wondering how they feel it works i am thinking about putting a 8' on my 2500 suburban

any info helpful thank you


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got one and love it.........I wrote a bunch in another post a week ago about the same ....search it out!

8' on a 2002 chevy HD


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I've got one
But it's on a Ford, It's a great set-up
pluging it in takes the longest
drive into it pull the 2 pins up and plug it in, 3 to 4 min. total
Havn't had any problems at all with it
ME TOO ! Easy on and off ! Cab Command control
AWESOME ! Don't seem to be able to stack snow
as high as with my old hard mount western . Prb.
cuz all the stuff is Way up front ! If i get 10 yrs.
out it like my old western I will be happy ! I
wish the trucks would Last as long..............Geo
Lucky me plowed 3 inches yesterday and today $$$$$

KARL : Seen a Burb, plowing...Had a 8 ft? Fisher on it !
In my area plow shops are offering DEALS on new
plows...Lousy winter, no snow to play with ! Shop around!
Seemed to work great...............
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The company i sub for has one on a Ford f250, i used it a couple times, I realy like it, it's a nice setup, easy to put on.

I don't know what the heck your gonna do with a snow plow though :confused: but hey if you like the way it looks in your driveway western is the way to go.

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