Ultra mount ground clearance

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    I have a Ultra mount on a 02 f250. Was wondering what should the clearance from the bottom of the frame to the ground. There is 3 1/2 inches to the ground, it seems low to me. Am new to plowing this year so I am learning as I go. Thanks.

    plow bottom.jpg
  2. LVHardscape

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    thats a unimount.
  3. LVHardscape

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    it deff. is a little low, front springs/struts may be getting tired!
  4. Tony350

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    That is an ultramount pro not a unimount. It does seem that the plow is a little low to the ground. The only thing I can tell you is to go to westerns website and look at there downloads. It will tell you how to configure your plow for the height of your mount. I wish I could be more help.

    Did you buy the plow used and threw a mount on your truck because you have to set the plow for the height of the truck. This probably doesn't make sense but if you read the installation manual it should be more clear good luck. Keep us posted.
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    Really? Its def a ultramount series..
  6. twinman326

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    about 13" to 15" off the ground. measure from the top edge of the receiver


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  7. OP

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    @ Tony, We got the truck used and it came with the 8' pro plow and a spreader.
    @ LVH, The hole front end on the truck is tired. I think I will add a set of springs to the repair list...It's a long list!!
    @ Twin, Thanks for the info and the Pic.
  8. mishnick

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    There are instructions and tables to set the plow to match the height of the trucks front end but ultimately the goal is to have the A frame of the plow parallel to the ground when the plow is down. Clearly your A frame is too low at the back. You could repair the springs or just reconfigure the plow to run right with the truck as it.