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Grosse Ile, Mi.
Since it isn't snowing and I am sitting here in from of this
computer at midnite on a sunday, I was wondering what everyone might think of as the "Ultimate Rig" for plowing
snow. Not just the plow, but the truck, plow, controls, salter or sander, and other goodies. I am undecided as of right now, but and input in this catagory is good input.

please snow.....please....


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What I'd like to build

Because I enjoy building my own trucks anyway, I already do a certain amount of "mixing & matching", my idea of what I'd like to have is a real "Heinz 57": Being a big fan of 73/80 Chev GMC's, I'd use a 1-ton dually frame from that era (Dana 60 front, 70 rear) with cab & front clip to match. (Body parts are readily available & inexpensive, plus I like the style) Wheelbase would be the 131.5" of a regular pickup. (Don't want it too long!) Cummins diesel powerplant with a "bulletproof" driveline - possibly the grunt low 4 speed GM used in the 1 ton trucks, with a 205 transfer case. My own custom built deck, similar to what I am running right now, with a stainless V-box spreader (no rust!) that fits onto custom mounts and pins on for quick attach/detach. Central hydraulics to run everything, with quick disconnect fittings for the V-box. Plow? Something along the lines of a Boss V with any of the weak points ironed out. Since this is the "ultimate" rig we're talking about here, I'd get really creative and build a smaller version of a DOT plow wing to clear an even larger path. This would also be designed to be fairly simple to remove when I didn't want to run it. Since I'm from Ontario, I'd have plenty of bright blue strobes so people would see me coming! Oh yes, and a drink holder that would hold a large beverage cup WITHOUT spillage! Just some ideas, I'll probably change some of them once I read what some of you are thinking of!

1975 GMC C-35

SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
Hmmm..... let's see here:

-Black 2001 F350 Super Duty 4x4 Long Bed Reg. Cab Powerstroke/Auto
-Western 8.5' V-Plow
-Western Pro Flo 2 (w/trailer hitch mount)
-Air Lift air bags on front and rear w/on-board compressor
-Back Rack
-Hide-a-way strobes in the cornering lights & reverse lights
-Michelin LTX M/S tires

That would do very nicely...


Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
Bruce, would sort of take care of plowing and salting all in one shot wouldn't it? Might get a little expensive with the fuel bill, though.

You'd probably even have to call Mike to restripe the lot.


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How bout any standard plow truck with KIT (NIGHTRIDER) at the helm, then you could just go to sleep and never worry.


Columbia, CT.
Hey '75'.....

I would be pretty much inline with your choices---I would lean toward an automatic trans and a cab made of stainless steel. (I WISH!)


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Move over, DeLorean!

Grant, I LIKE your idea: How about it, aftermarket parts suppliers? Pickup truck panels for the Big 3 in stainless! I'll gladly trade my paint for metal polish!


my ultimate truck would be a lot like a skid steer. Hydrostatic, difficult to dent, easy controls using hands and feet. zero turn, diesel. The disadvantages- need better traction, dont like the noise, difficult to transport.


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For doing driveways, a 1960s jeep fc150 with lockers, 7.5 fisher in the front,a pull plow in the back,plenty of back up lights, 1 strobe on the roof,2oo1 dodge truck seats,and the cummings.
For parking lots would be and is my 2001 1ton dwd dump with 8.5 fisher straight blade and fisher sander.

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