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Ulra mount lowers slowly

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by elite1, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    I plowed with my new ultra mount for the first time. The blade lowers a lot slower than I like. I already ajusted the quill all the way out, and it is still slow by my taste. I an use to my uni mount, which I have set to drop just a little slower than a brick. I guess it's just what you are use to. I was thinking that maybe western makes a shorter quill or if I could just grid it down and make it shorter.

    Any thoughts.
  2. ih82plow

    ih82plow Senior Member
    Messages: 109

    Have you compared it to another ultra mount.I did not notice a difference from my uni mount to my ultra mount in lowering speed.

    How is the side to side movement? I wonder if your not bleed properly if that would make a difference?
  3. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    are you in a race as long as it works right
  4. DJL

    DJL Senior Member
    Messages: 343

    Early last month I was having problems with my plow. I took it to the service place and they fixed it. The mechanic told me that my blade was dropping kinda slow would he like me to adjust it because as soon as it got colder it would be even worse. I said, sure, thanks. He then comes back to the waiting area to get me and says that he adjusted the quill all the way and it still drops slow and that he wouldn't mess with it because it still works and that's what matters. To tell you the truth plowed three times since and I really haven't thought about it. But if there is a fix I'd be interested also.
  5. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    I am just use to my other plow, which does drop very fast. I learned to plow working for a close friend of mine, and for years all of his plows (5 western plows) all drop very fast. I think that it helps break through the compacted snow, and helps !QUOT!dig in!QUOT! when back dragging.

    I personally know the owner of a western dealer (recently retired) I will try to ask him.
  6. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Take it to the place where you bought it and have them fix it. Problem solved.
  7. gpin

    gpin Senior Member
    Messages: 390

    The Boss is right again. You should ahve a strong relationship with your local dealer. Sooner or later you're going to have a problem when it's snowing and your dealer will make the difference in being in busines or not. I have my units serviced every year. Yes, I could do it myself, but it's cost effective insurance to keep everything 100%.
  8. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    I totally agree. I will give my dealer a call. I know that the plow is working properly, I would just like make it drop properly.

    As for the dealer, I think they will claim that it is fine.

    I am trying not to use that dealer any more. I called to make an appointment 2 weeks prior to the install. They had my truck for 1 week. Why did I even make an appointment. They did not properly adjust the stand shoes, and they didn't fully bleed the air out of the system.

    To top it all off, Western has a new painting process. I requested a plow with the new process. I was told it would have that new process. Nope. I got a blade that was sitting in stock for at least 2 yrs. It was covered in dirt, had a 50 yr sticker on it, and had a uni-mount sticker on it. I asked a friend of mine, retired dealer, he said it was an older blade. I took it back, they claimed that it had not been sitting there for 2 yrs. Put an ultra-mount sticker on it and sent me on my way. This is not the first problem I have had with this dealer.

    I don't know any other that is close buy, and my friend is retired and closed down his company.
  9. ih82plow

    ih82plow Senior Member
    Messages: 109

    Just to let you know new york is in a frigid cold snap.
    10 degrees today and been in the teens since tuesday

    Today I put on my plow to install my tur-key wings and the side to side and drop was exstreemly slow.I have never had this plow on in this type of weather.What is the tempiture where you are is it in the teens.

    Certinley I could never plow with this truck at its current drop rate.

    I wonder if we can run thinner fluid
  10. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    yeah take out atf and put western hydraulic fluid in
  11. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    I will try changing the fluid. I normaly use the western fluid, this is a new plow it has atf from the dealer.

    It was cold that day (teens) but my normal operator for that truck said that it was slow the entire time he was using it. We plowed for 12 hrs straight, took a 1 hr break and then plowed for another 11hrs. The fluid should have been warm.
  12. #1 plowtech

    #1 plowtech Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    for shits and grins, we measured atf temp in pump on ultra mount last year, and then plowed for 5 hours straight. (outside temp was 20 degrees)
    measured temp again, atf was 2 degrees warmer in pump, so dump that cheap fluid and put the good stuff in, (low tempfluid) western hi-perf fluid
    Goodluck plowtech.:waving:
  13. elite1

    elite1 Senior Member
    Messages: 187

    Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try tomorrow.