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UglyTruk's Introduction Post??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by uglytruk, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. uglytruk

    uglytruk Member
    Messages: 74

    How oogly is an uglytruk?

    If I stray from the topic at hand, let me know, mr. moderator. My truk is an '83 Chev 1/2 ton shortbox, that has suffered the ravages of twenty winters of salt strewn, North Country roads. There was no floor or rocker to speak of on the drivers side. Cheapo stampings from Taiwan fixed that problem. Paint was dark blue, now BBQ black, but well masked, so chrome and such still gleam(?). I just installed a professionaly built ladder rack, and there is now 70 2x's of rough cut pine loaded on the rack and in the box. Lots of 16 footers x 8-10". I weighed some of the 8-10 footers on a bathroom scale. 55-75lbs. each, just cut. I estimate 3600lbs! I drove 25 miles from the sawyer on smooth and scenic Adirondack backroads, and along lake Champlain. The front of the newer and less rusty box partialy collapsed due to rust out, on the trip home today, and now sits 2" lower than the cab. Monday will see a 3" c channel installed to level things out. I have pix of ugly truk, for which I paid $125 one year ago. When I get off my duff, I'll scan and post...Back to thoughts on snow... Andrew
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2003
  2. uglytruk

    uglytruk Member
    Messages: 74

    Pix of my good friend, Ugly

    Here she is at the local junk yard in mud season! I'm posing on the hood. It's 12 20 PM and I can't figure it out...Andrew
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2003