UFO Sighted over Northern Illinois

It was unbelieveable!!! The people on the news were going nuts all day yesterday!! After some intense scrutiny by our weather experts it was concluded that we had snowflakes here. This is a good 12 hours after the storm ended and I thought our resident posters would've reported this event by now. This is our first real storm of the season with totals up until yesterday for the entire winter of 1.7" (this from Chicago's O'Hare). I figured all the guys from around here would be touting the "major" event. Hey, at least we got SOMETHING!!! They all must be fast asleep after the intense workout from this storm. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Feels good to have those old aches and pains again from that joystick. Well, it did snow a little anyway and most of us got some work, at least above Chicago. I went to Palatine and they only had about an inch, then to Mundelien/Lake Zurich where there was 3" (for you out of towners this is about 10 miles north). I talked to another guy that was up in Fox River Grove (15 miles more north) and he said they had 5". I've been doing this for over 25 years now and this is the latest I've started.


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Doc - when I saw the thread title the CCR song "It Came Out Of The Sky" popped into my head, have it on one of the tapes I was listening to while plowing last night.

Good to hear you guys out that way can finally "get started" - better late than never! :)

Was a late start compared to what I'm used to as well, first real plowable snowfall up here was December 29.


dude, i got a brand new used home made special i'v been hankerin to drop this season,do not feel goood myself.When it does lay ,"I'LL BE THERE "! Rest@$ured.....24 / 7 BEFORE IT MELTS.
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Right at 2" over here. Called my residentials and they declined. Had 1 commercial call me and cleaned up the others in the evening. Layed down about 500 lbs. of salt and entered it all in my computer. Good for another month.:rolleyes:

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