I searched for ujoints and I found alot of info. However when it comes to pricing, everyone talks about doing it themselves. Unfortunatley do to limited space and tools I need to take my 81 Chevy K20 in for ujoints. Can anyone tell me what I should expect to pay to have this work done?


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Which U-Joints? Rear drive line, front drive line (how many) front axles....... Tell us which, we'll try to tell you how long it takes, then you can go from there.



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I assume these are the same ones you mentioned in your post about plow problems, the ones on the front axle. Not sure about flat rate on them, but they can take 3 hours per side, depending on how hard it is to get the outer axle tube to come free fromt eh steering knuckle.

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That depends. The u joints themselves are about $30 each. You can just replace them. Then again, Winter is coming. With everything apart, you may as well put in new wheel bearings if yours are worn, you might want to install new front brake pads too. Like Alan said, it can be as much as 3 hours of labor per side. Shops around here are about $65 / hr. Figure $60 for both U joints themselves, then the hourly rate. If you need the brake pads, rotors turned, and wheel bearings, it can really add up. You might also want to check the drag link, and tie rod ends. Also, those u joints will have a grease fitting in the box, and a plug. Be sure the joint is installed so you can remove the plug, install the fitting, grease the joint, and put the plug back in. If you leave the fitting in, it will get sheared off. THe new joints will last long if you keep them greased.


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