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I'm taking down my np208 on my newly acquired k-5 blazer to change the shifting fork because its jumps out of two High...so ya know i disconect the rear drive shaft...hum looks like these are original u-joints...thats wierd...take them off and i dont see how these things are still alive there was no grease in them whatsoever....so i get up fron and get the front drive shaft off and those u-joints look fried too...now on my truck there seems to be three u-joints the two closest to the t-case dont have clips on them like most u-joints i've seen...it looks more like a pin driven through each cap. Anyone know what i'm talking about? I have no idea how to get them off but i am definately in need of changing the u-joints while i have all of this down


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Ah yes, these are fun. If they're the original ones, I believe there is a plastic insert in there, that you have to heat up. Then, those "pins" will turn into goo and shoot out the holes that you see them poking out of. SAFETY GLASSES! On the new U-Joints you buy, there will be clips like you are used to seeing. Good luck and watch out for flying grease/plastic.

They aren't really pins at all. The factory injects molten plastic into the small holes and it flows around the groove in the u-joint cap, securing it to the yoke.

85 is correct in that you MUST heat them up; the plastic is so tough that even a press will not work. All a press will do is distort the yoke.

When installing the new u-joints, if you use the greaseable kind, be sure to orient the joint so that the grease nipple is in compression when the joint is rotating in its normal direction. This will help prevent the joint from cracking at the drilled hole where the grease nipple screws in.

Have fun!

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