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Typical ClearLane cost

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by hatefulmechanic, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. hatefulmechanic

    hatefulmechanic Senior Member
    Messages: 228

    Down here, unless you preorder, no one carries ClearLane. I need to finish my stockpile location for next season, but was wondering what ya'll are paying a ton on Clearlane in various areas?
  2. MahonLawnCare

    MahonLawnCare Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 852

    80 ton ohio
  3. nighthawk117

    nighthawk117 Senior Member
    from Ma
    Messages: 165

    Paid $108.00 ton picked up in Ma
  4. Burkartsplow

    Burkartsplow PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,246

    75 a ton pickup at abraxus a local salt retailer and that was pre order price here in Cleveland. I don't know what the price is directly from the plant but being it only 5 minutes from my shop and if I had the space to store my own salt I would think it would be 55 to 65 a ton. But just call and they can help you better then me.
  5. mustangman02232

    mustangman02232 Senior Member
    Messages: 148

    Pretty sure it's $108 a ton in Westfield ma
  6. hatefulmechanic

    hatefulmechanic Senior Member
    Messages: 228

    Thanks for the replies. We have a small storage facility in Roanoke that we can pick up from, the only thing they service is the state highway dept and a few other accounts. Clearlane is preorder only, they do not keep a quantity on hand during the season.

    I am debating on ordering it there during preseason ordering, but wanted to get an idea of out of area pickup price as well since I have capability of hauling 30T at a time on a dump trailer.
  7. Lugnut

    Lugnut Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    This thread is aggrevating me, 120-140 a ton here
  8. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson Senior Member
    Messages: 637

    Is it possible to buy the liquid separate and blend it yourself?

    The formula is not a secret, similar products are available.

    Just my .02 cents
  9. hatefulmechanic

    hatefulmechanic Senior Member
    Messages: 228

    I am sure it is, and it is an option. Hence the reason I am trying to determine average price.