tundra wiith no lsd

Discussion in 'Toyota Trucks' started by rayb, Apr 29, 2019.

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    new guy here, been plowing for over 30 years, last 18 with a chev 2500, considering buying a new tundra but it wont have a limited slip differential , not a trd package. will the standard 4 wd set up be ok for plowing?
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    Guys have been plowing with one wheel peel rear end trucks for years. Some guys actually prefer an open rear diff. over a LSD/locker because the wheel that doesn't spin, helps a little to keep the rear of the truck from wanting to kick out in one direction or another.

    Me, if I buy a truck, SUV or rear wheel drive car that doesn't have a LSD/Locker, I have one put in. Just my preference.

    Not sure what's available from either the OEM or aftermarket diff's. for Toyota's.

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    thanks for reply, gave me confidence it"ll work out one way or another
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