Try plowing with this JD Dave!!!

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by creativedesigns, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Pretty neat 6 wheeler but, What is the purpose of this rig raising up & down?
    You could probly buy a house & a fleet of plow trucks w/ the cost this!

  3. 06HD BOSS

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    nice machine. by watching it turn you can tell how fast that center tire is gonna wear.
  4. OP

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    Hey 06, I was looking at your FF vid on youtube...then I watched "Birdman" lol that was funny!
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    Nice suite and tie....

    Watch the front wheel at the end when he rises the tractor.
    Then after he lowers it the front wheel is still cocked
    Then there is a cut in the tape and he pulls forward.

    It's kind of neat but by watching it I don't think it would like to be used on pavement at all, to much tire scrubbing.

    I wonder if they have a snowblower for it?
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  6. 06HD BOSS

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    LOL yeah that was the best part of our trip last year. he was a maniac haha
  7. Tractor Plower

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    I think the Trisix is the solution to size restrictions in Europe. Instead of running duals on an articulated 4WD they put 2 extra tires in the middle. Dont think the middle one would wear that fast considering both front and rear axles steer. Neat machine I must say- but with a Fendt 936 Reverse Station retailing at $260,000 CDN, I don't think this machine will have a large market.
    I bet it has the VARIO CVT transmission though!!!!! :redbounce

  8. Runner

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    The Fendts are a bad boy. The raising up and down that you saw was the cambering of the axles. It does this on the front and rear axles to do two things. It increases the turning ability - reducing the turning radius, and it raises the center wheels up a bit for less friction.
  9. JD Dave

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    I don't want to be Fendt Dave. Sweet tractor though. Fendts cost quite abit more then a comparable Deere but I've never heard one bad thing about them.

    What's wrong Snofarmer, never seen a guy wear a suit and tie driving a tractor.:D
  10. TLC Snow Div.

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    Thats radicalwesport
  11. CAT 245ME

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    Those Fendt tractors are extremly rugged, I had a chance to look at one sitting at a job site near my home with a large tiller on the back used for grinding stumps. I would've loved to have fired her up and felt her power.
  12. OP

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    I'm sure JD Dave has an air-draulic system in one of his tractors to impress others! :D ...It could be like a lowrider tractor plowing snow!!! :drinkup: