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Joel B.

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I've been reading up on magnetic signs and I'm not totally convinced they are the best for me. I was thinking about mounting two 5" high boards along the top sides of the bed, painting them to match the truck and applying 4" vinyl lettering with business name and phone number in a contrasting color on them. I'm concerned it might look cheap and shlocky, what do you think?

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go with the technology

if you do not want permanent signs honestly the best way to go is Vinyl i do some vinyl jobs with a local company on the side when i find someone who needs it done and i tell u that is the most professional temporary way to go. They are fairly low priced and can be done in many fonts to make your logos unique and professional looking. any more questions or if u need help designing a setup i can help i do it all the time for fellow landscaper and construction friends of mine.



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I'd make the boards up and if you're not pleased, don't mount them. I had magnetic signs once and I wasn't happy with them. The quality you can get may be different than mine though.

The dumptruck I drive was originally used for lawn care. The sideboards had "Landscaping and Lawncare" and the phone number stenciled on them. I was surprised at the number of people who asked me about landscaping before I took them off and turned them around so the lettering was on the inside.


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I think that vinyl is the way to go .Paint up your side boards a guy around here has them painted up nice with his name on the side and it looks good and perfesional.Also you could get plastic side boards a little pricy but look good


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Magnetic signs No Good - Vinyl GOOD !!!!

I have had the magnetic signs before... I would never get them again. First of all it is recommended that you don't leave them on, as moisture builds up under them and can cause rust.

If you do leave them on, you stand a chance of them being ripped off by miscreants, falling off on highways ( yes it can happen... I know from experience)

They also recommend that you take them off frequently and apply wax underneath them.

With the advent of Vinyl lettering, it doesn't pay to have someone hand leter your truck. ( although if you have ever watch one of the artist's that hand letter and pinstripe a vehicle you would be sad to see such a ability disappear.)

The vinyl can easily be removed with no damage to a paint job ( unless its a cheapy paint job and the prep wasnt dont properly.

Besides these vinyl sign companies can work magic with designs, fonts and logos.


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I agree with JCurtis on the magnetics. When you buy them mail order, they come with a disclaimer about harm to your paint. If there's a nick or scratch in your paint, your putting a piece of vinyl over it with moisture and salt brine trapped underneath. Not a pretty picture.

Another suggestion:
If you're concerned with the look of the boards, you can look for someone who does vinyl siding to bend up some trim sheet to cover the boards. This will give the appearance of a metal sign, yet still be easy to mount. There are various colors of trim sheet available, though white and dark brown are most common. Shouldn't be outrageous for expense either.


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winterset iowa
I have a really nice magnetic seed corn sign hanging in my shop.
The seed corn salesman left it hanging on the carwash wall after he was finished washing his company car.:eek:
I think something a little more permanent is the way to go. There are several persons around here that do vinyl lettering and all have pretty decent prices.
I think that would be the way to go,
Mark K