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First year plowing....Im working for a guy now driving his new chevy 3/4 ton with a 8 ft western pro plow (great truck). Im looking down the road at buying my own truck and going into business for myself. I have 2 options, continue to work for this guy at $50 per hour w/ my truck (pays me $20 per hr now to drive his) or set up my own contracts.
About the truck purchase I will have about 10k cash when I shop. Im trying to decide if I want to finance a new one or pay cash for what I can afford. I will be doing residential and a couple of sm-med parking lots. Do I need a 3/4 ton ? Is it worth the extra $ ?
I would be willing to spend up to 25k for a new truck if it were worth the investment.
Also, any thoughts on plows?

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I am not going to tell you that you must buy a new truck, however I would strongely suggest it.

Skip the 3/4 ton and go to the 1 ton. I don't care what brand you want just get a 1 ton pick up or whatever.

Why the 1-ton?

Stronger plow truck
Has the ablility to carry a v-box if you buy one down the road.
The cost isn't much different The difference between a F 250 SD 4X4 xl and F 350 SD 4X$ XLT is about 800 dollars.

Plows 8.5 Fisher v-plow and v-box

Do a search with the keyword trucks, you will find plenty of answers.


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