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Cary, IL
Just curious as to how many of you have actually had your truck weighed? I drove past a truck stop the other day on my way home from my mom's wedding, and was thinking about going in... but I was a little too tired to stop. Do they charge to weigh your truck? I've never even seen it done.


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The cheapest way to get your truck weighed is the following. Go to your local sand pit, drive on the scale empty, go fill up a 5 gallon bucket of sand. Go weigh the truck loaded. Much cheaper then paying for highway scales.

Most of my trucks have been weighed.

The reason those scales are there are for truckers that want to make sure they aren't overloaded. Much cheaper to find out there then from the commercial vehicle inspection police.

The truck weight will be on the sales slip.

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Rob Veteran
I think the easiest way is the one Thom pointed out. Around here we need to have a permit on our truck to use the Transfer station / recycling center / landfill / dump or whatever you want to call it. The first time in they need to weigh you both directions, loaded and unloaded. After that, they keep you weight on the computer with the permit number, or you can use a prior trip ticket to show your empty weight. Saves you from stopping on the way out, and you know the weight of your truck. Basically, the same idea as Geoff but don't have to make the special trip to the sand pit.
Up here, when the gov't scales are closed, the scale is left running, with a display visible to all. I have used it before to fine out that my 8,600 GVWR truck weighs 6,700 lbs with just the (summer) plow gear and pintle hook and full fuel - not that much left over for cargo.


In answer to your question, Yes they charge to weigh your trucks.

Cat Scales are the best as far as truckers are concerned, their weights are guaranteed.

Do Like GeoffD said. Less hassle.


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Out here our local commercial truck washrack has a certified scale that they let you use if you wash your truck there, obvisoly ment for the large logging trucks that can pack upwards of 1 ton of mud after a haul from the bush, but the dont really care who uses them.


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I just weighed mine at the dump last weekend. Since I use it somewhat regularly, they let me weigh both axles and gross truck weight free. Not all dumps around here have scales, though. Make sure the scale is certified. Do you have a local grain or livestock market? They usually have scales you could use.

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Tim,I had the same exact truck as you,it should weigh about 4980 with a full tank,stock,with no add on-s with aluminum wheels,Id add at least 150 lbs for all your extra stuff,plow frame etc..your GVWR should be 6200-so you got less than 1K payload with you in it.

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