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Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you my truck plow to skid steer “snow removal beast” conversion. I was able to come across a fisher HD 8’ snowplow that was in almost new condition but it did not have the pump or lights or mounting frame for a vehicle. I bought a quick attach plate and got busy designing a very effective snow plow for my bobcat. The one thing that I did not like about most skid steer plows is that the frame is usually a rigid mount so it didn’t allow for oscillating on uneven terrain like most typical rule driveways up here in Alaska. After watching numerous DIY videos on YouTube and scrolling through a lot of other guys designs, I came up with mine and it works fantastic. I also splurged and got the plow wings from bobcat dealer in town and modified the mounts to fit my plow blade. As you can see in the pictures these wings are extremely stout and they swing back onto the backside of the blade when not needed. It is true that I do not have the ability to put down pressure on the blade, but I have not found that necessary yet due to the blade being so heavy on its own. If I want to get really aggressive with the blade, I merely just lift up my boom arms and tilt forward (with the wings back) and it’ll scrape like a knife and peel up the hard pack.


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I like the way you took the MM2 upright arms (at least that is what they look to me) and glued them on to your quick attach plate as well as where the A-frame attaches. Cutting and welding to your desire. It even looks like you have another spot to mount the factor fisher lights.

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