Truck Lift in shop?

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Thinking about adding a lift to our existing shop. Or building a new shop for equipment repair, currently repair and storage share the same building.

If you have a lift in your shop what is it, how does it work, ect?

I would like to be able to lift at least F 550, and maybe look into a lift that can lift larger trucks.



Western CT
the lift in my shop is 10,000 I think I know it can lift my 350 DWR Diesel with no problem. Lifts make a great addition to a shop. Easy to make repairs and stay cleaner and safer while doing it.


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I dont know much about hydraulic lifts...I dont have one I crawl under my truck or mouch off a buddy.

However I build garages and homes for a living. You can lift D9 Bulldozers if you want to as long as what is under the lift can support it. I have in the past poured a footing the same size as the area the lift will ocupy making it as deep as the local code requires the trench around an alaskan slab to be with two #4 rebar on 2' centers each way. (It's overkill and should handle anything you want to lift it's enough to suport the entire structure)Your only limitation is the money you want to spend and the bearing of the floor. Figure out what the maximum total weight you'll be lifting and the contact area with the floor/footing and only build what you need. If you know exactly what is under the floor and you have the space you could easily install whatever you need in your existing structure by adding the needed footings and repairing the hole you'll have to make in the floor to install them.
We use mostly Ford-Smith hoists,the TEC series.They are cheap,easy to install,and require almost zero maintenance.They are above ground hydro electric,with a clear floor,and just a couple of small lines overhead (hydraulics and air locks).The smaller ones (9000Lb) are all asymetrical (which means the car sits further back,so you can open the door) and they will lift my 97 Dodge,2500,CC,diesel,long box,wieghs 9000 Lbs +,no probs.We also have a bigger 12000Lbs hoist,but they are much more expensive,and tie up alot of floor space.If you want to get one,go big.You can always put a small car or truck up on a 12000 lb (or larger)hoist,but you can't put an F550 on a 6000 lb hoist.Ford-Smith just updated their TEC series with a 15000 Lb unit.I wouldn't recommend an inground hoist,too costly and hard to repair and maintain.Here are some links that may help,or e-mail me for more info.I can also get them for you at cost,including installation,through our buying group.Just make sure,like mentioned above,you have (or build) the proper floor to support it.BTW,you may also need special permits and insurance to have one as well,just check beforehand.

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