Truck Life Expectancy

We don't currently do any plowing, but we will likely soon enter the market. But I've got a fear that I'm hoping you folks can shed some light on.

I watched posts last year, and have begun scanning this part of the forum again this year. It sounds like plowing really beats the heck out of your trucks. My main fear with plowing is that the trucks I use during the construction season to make me money will get destroyed plowing (where it sounds like you might make less money).

How long do your plow trucks usually last? And, how much time/money do you have to spend repairing them each year, on average?

Thanks in advance.

Eric ELM

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It depends on the operator of the truck. I have plowed for 25 years and never damaged a truck or transmission plowing. I did break a bolt on the present plow one time, but this is the second truck it's been on and this plow is 6 years old now. I could probably tear any truck or plow up in one night if I tried, but who wants to do that. BTW, we presently plow 62 big driveways and have been out plowing about every other day for the past 2 weeks, so it does get a work out.

John DiMartino Veteran
My guess is 5 to 6 good years out of a truck if its well taken care of,if its abused or neglected you 'd be lucky to see 4 if there is a lot of snow plowing.i use trucks for 3 yrs old to 11 now.I have no had no problems with the older trucks,but they do require more reapairs ,no matter who is driving them.

GeoffD Veteran
Ok here is my take on it:

The truck will last as long as you want to keep working on it.

Ie replacing trans, exhaust, shocks, body work ect.

We keep the truck we plow with 5 to 6 years except our class 6 and 7 we keep those about 10 to 12.

After 5 years we still get a good trade in, and we have only done regular maintmance to the truck. We have avoided exhaust replacements, and body work, as well as other parts that wear out.


John DiMartino Veteran
I agree with Geoff,when i bought my 89 and 91 GMC's they werent plow trucks so that helps,here is what i do to an older truck to get it ready for a couple good years of plowing/towing.I pull the bed off the truck,completely clean and undercoat the frame,all new brake lines,and fuel lines,from top to bottom ,front to back.I put new calipers,rotors,hardware lit,cut drums,new E-brake cables,and new titan V receiver since ive been known to pull a lot of weight in the summer.I go thru the front end,whatevers loose gets replacing.I put on HD trans oil coller and service trans,complete major tune-up,change all fluids in rear end,T-case and front diff,,P/s fluid,brake fliud etc...When im done with the truck,ive put usually around 700-1200 in parts only into it,but it is litlerally ready for 3 good yrs,there is no guarantee the tranny wont blow the next day,that is a risk im willing to take.I have no use for 3 trucks all year,so all new trucks wouldnt make sense, Id never make a dollar in the end.So i have one newer truck i use all year and a couple of older ones i use for real rough work in summer and they dont cost me every month.There are some times i get frustrated,it seems that everything happens at once,little things go wrong with older trucks,and I see why guys who use them a lot buy new,it is so much easier and the money saved on down time and fewer repairs makes up for the payment.