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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Sep 15, 2000.

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    After Dino's last post ( of no driver driving a new truck) I have decided to start a new thread.

    Yes, my guys drive fairly new trucks, however they have a lot of responsiblity to go a long with it. Each guy has a road test with me, they are responsible for weekly truck checks, and if they have an driving violation, we review their driving status. Not every employee can just jump in a truck and go, i know some comapnies are like that. I have even had friends follow some of my trucks and see how the guys drive when i am not around.

    I have found if i give an employee a truck and tell them its there for the next 5 or 6 years. They do take care of it and put pride into it ( ie they wash it, bi weekly, clean it monthly, and wax it once or twice a year) . If you treat an employee well, pay him a good wage, provide them with uniforms or particial uniforms, and a decent truck, they will treat you well.

    I just feel that if i was the boss, and i drove a brand new truck, and the help drove the junk. They would be looking at me, and always saying the boss gets all the new toys, which could result in bad feeling. I feel that these bad feelings are which result in beating on trucks. If guys are beating on my trucks because they are fairly new, they haven't show the damage yet. I think you just have to put some trust in your employees. If you don't trust them, what will they think of you?

    Again i do have an advantage, because i have taken over a company that my dad started, so i have never had to work as hard as he did to get it started.

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    Hey Geoff; thanks for the loader info. You're lucky to be in the position that you're in regarding taking over the business. I think you nailed it when you mentioned the fact that you earn an employee's trust by paying a good wage. Even though I'm relatively new to this forum, one thing I've learned is that most of the guys here believe that the quality of an employee's work equals the quality of their wage. It's been my experience that a guy would rather make a better wage than drive a nice vehicle on the job. As the guy stays around and gains seniority, then if finances allow, you can reward them with a nice truck. It also lets the newer guys see that if they put their time in they too will be rewarded with hard work and loyalty. Anyway, you would probably know better than me because you've been around longer than me. Anyway, I'm curious how you keep your help busy in the winter months if it's not snowing. Do all of your guys get their 40hrs or do you cut them back?
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    Well, i am in the utility biz, so i can give guys 40 hrs a week with or with out snow.

    A new guy, never hits the drivers seat of a new truck. Infact new guys have to wait for a truck to open up.

    The thing is i wish i had never started this thread, or entered a reply in this used/new truck thread. I feel i have opened up a bad can of worms, and feel bad about it.


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    Geoff don't feel bad there is no right or wrong way to do things I think my initial reason for posting was that I felt that only "one way" was being conveyed and I am much more comfortable that the people here have a good understanding of the diffrent stages and perspectives of how to operate a business. You because of your business use your trucks as a piece of equipment.I on the other hand do not do alot of "boring" work nor do I expect my employees to see there truck as there primary tool .I want my guys to be in operating their equipment,which is why all my equipment have air and stereos that is were there time is to be spent.New equipment for those who can truly justify it and have proper understanding of what it really cost to own and operate new can be a real bonus to there business.To many time owners feel that to keep up with the jones in the business world they have do like other companies when in reality they need to be stable and profitable first.
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    Geoff: Hope I didn't write anything to make you regret your post; I appreciate your input and advice. Keep it up.
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    I agree with Iowa. No can of bad worms & there shouldn't be anything to feel bad about. The whole point to participating in any forum such as this is to share information & to get get all of the angles to any topic brought up. Everyone does things different, so we should hear many different opinions or "ways to skin the cat" with every thread started here. Thanks for all of your input, & thanks to everyone else for sharing.
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    Geoff,dont feel bad for speaking your feelings.You said what has worked for you,nothing to be sorry about.I wish there were more Bosses like yourself around here,big company's rarley apperciate a loyal,hard worker until they leave.
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    I appreciate everybody sharing their experiences and knowledge and hope others don't mind me adding my two cents. Again, I respect everybody in this forum and know that I can learn alot from you all. Thanks for the info!