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I have a 1997 chevy silverado 1500,
The tires on it are 245/75r 16
what number on the tire is the height?Is it 245 or 75
well i was wondering how tall of a tire could i get and how much more clearance would i have ,i need that extra clearance for snowplowing


Let's see if I can get this right.

On a 245/75r16:

The 245 is the width, in millimeters.

The 75 is the aspect ratio, as in 75% of 245mm is the height of the tire.

The r16 means its for a 16" wheel.

I think thats correct, if not someone will correct me.


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You can run any brand 265-75R16's on stock offset wheels. If you go to aftermarket aluminum wheels, they are offset less or more (depending how you look at it) . These will cause some types of square sidewall tires (BFG AT's) to hit the bottom rear of your front wheel well flare when you are carrying a plow. Another good idea for snowplowing is 235-85R16's on any rim type. They are tall and skinny and ideal for plowing snow. Some people have put big 285-75R16's and crank up the bars, but they will definately hit with plow weight on.

Hope this helps.

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