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Truck burned to the ground

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Ben, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Ben

    Ben Member
    Messages: 62

    Plowed my last account this morning and was backdraging the loading dock, heard a loud pop and smoke came out from under the hood. Went to pop the hood and I could hear the fire, called 911. 15 minutes later fire truck shows up but truck and boss plow are burned up.

    Now I need a new blade should I buy a new Boss V or get a Blizzard 810? Anybody know what the current prices are for either blade? Thanks in advance, Ben
  2. Robo

    Robo Senior Member
    Messages: 107

    If it were me I would get the 810 as I am having severe wide envy :nod:

    I think you can the blizzard for mid 4 g's
  3. ljrce

    ljrce Senior Member
    Messages: 181

    blizzard 810 price

    you can get the blizzard 810 for $4,108 right from blizzad corporation
  4. n1alx

    n1alx Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    15 minutes...thats an awful response time...That's exactly why you want to support having your town hire career firefighters...
  5. Plowbie

    Plowbie Member
    Messages: 74

    sorry about your truck.
    do you happen to have a picture of it?
  6. OneBadDodge06

    OneBadDodge06 Senior Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 771

    blizzards suck get a western or a boss v
  7. oldmankent

    oldmankent PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,322

    Do you know what caused the fire? Can't help you on the plows. I have owned neither, but would like to. The v would have worked well for me today as I had major drifting issues in places. The Blizzard would have been nice in a few spots as the snow was light so you could push a good amount of it. But, the snow was also deep, so the Blizzard would have bogged the truck down immediately in certain areas. If you have wide open commercial, then I think the Blizzard would suit you better. If you do tight spaces and deal with drifts, then the V seems better suited.
  8. Mark F

    Mark F Senior Member
    Messages: 101

    Sorry about your truck Ben. I would get what ever plow is easiest to get parts for in your area period.
  9. repo_man62

    repo_man62 Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    That's EXACTLY why I carry 2 fire ext. on the truck! 1 inside and the other in my tool box in the bed. Sorry to hear about that.
  10. face-shot

    face-shot Junior Member
    from NH
    Messages: 11

    Ever since i had a car burn up two years ago i keep i fire extingquisher it the truck. Lickly i havent had to use it yet.
  11. TLC Ken

    TLC Ken Member
    Messages: 47

    that's tough

    Sorry to hear that. At least you're ok.

    This is our first year with the 810. I paid about 4200 for it. I had to do the entire install. Wasn't too tough, about the same as the western unimounts.

    It really moves the snow. If you winrow a lot, or push long piles, then it is a great plow. Last sunday we had "cold" snow, powder that doesnt' stick together, and it throws it out there a long ways. It is extremely heavy, though. I have it on a one ton and even with timbrens and torsion bars cranked, I still hear the tires rub now and then. Also a good bet if you remove it often with the power hitch. Retractable wings are great for traveling too, one of the reasons I bought it. We'll be expanding to a town 11 miles away next year, to add a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Retracted, it is about 8'4", our westerns with homemade wings are over 9 with the semi-fixed wings on.

    It winrows extremely well. We can clear the roads into the big lots 8 feet at a time, since the one wing angled keeps the snow away from the clear part. With a straight blade, you can only clear about 3 or 4 feet at a time. Even with 6 inches, you can still throw 8 feet in one pass with the 810.

    We have westerns on everything else, and they are solid plows. Spend the extra $500 or so and get a PRO plow, extra ribs and higher blade to move more snow. In spokane, a western unimount is about 3300, the pro about 3800. I think they listed the ultra mount at 5200 or so, but don't quote me on that, I don't remember exactly.

    I haven't owned a V of any brand. We almost never break drifts. If you do plenty of lots, where you need to make piles with snow, then wings are a must. Either the bilzzard wings or the pro wings that they sell now for other plows, but they really cut the time down. Wings can be put on V;s, a couple guys on here have them.

    Our winged westerns run circles around un-winged V's, even with lower plows (shorter top to bottom) and narrower (7'6") than a V (8'2"). I have one dentist office that is next to a A&W, and I see that guy over there in his V going back and forth forever, and I'm done in about 12 pushes. I think V's have their place, if you have any long rural or drifted driveways to do, they're the only way to go. But if you don't ever need to break trail, I believe theyr'e a waste. It is one more thing that could break, that hinge and extra spring angles, all that other stuff that you need to bend the plow in the middle, and they're heavier than straight (non blizzard 810) plows. I also see a couple subs here with V's, and they leave a little snow leaking out the middle, though I'm sure new V's don't do that.

    Kind of funny for me to say that , even though I've got a blizzard with lots of extra moving parts. Belive me, I worry about that too. It will be good to have it a year and then wonder if there are too many moving parts. I hope not.

    Real important is a good dealer. I'm not super happy with my Blizzard dealer, he is 250 miles away and doesn't get back to me as quick as I'd like. I'm still waiting on him to send me some extra synthetic plow fluid for it.

    Western dealer in spokane is a custom truck warehouse, and there you get parts guys that don't know anything about plows, but they are always there when you call. Good thing movies like the fast and the furious come out so it keeps them in business selling neon lights for ford rangers. But this is a big warehouse, they stock lots of stuff, they have a 100 cuting edges, so I'm not worried they'll run out of anything.
  12. Ben

    Ben Member
    Messages: 62

    The battery blew up is what we are thinking. Because of the loud pop and then the smoke and flames.
    Found out there are no blizzard dealers in the stat of WV. Was quoted 4795.00 installed for a 8'2" boss poly v blade. Would like a 9'2" but he is sold out.
  13. Ken1zk

    Ken1zk Senior Member
    Messages: 192

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune Ben, had it happen to me many years back. Mine was a fuel leak. Hope you get back up and running soon.
  14. insnow4fun

    insnow4fun Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 43

    indeed, but why bash......

    15 minutes is a bad response time, but being friends with many Vol FFs, i have to defend them to some extent.

    first of all, ben, sorry to hear about the truck and the plow. i hope you can replace them and continue with the business that you have worked hard to build.

    second of all...15 minutes, most likely (only assuming) it wasn't actually 15 minutes. as you are standing there watching your truck, plow and possibly your business go up in flames, 5 minutes might seem longer.

    thirdly, a Vol FF department is dependant on its members. if the area was blanketed by extraordinary amounts of snow, the members might not be able to get to the scene in a timely manner or the town plows might have plowed in the firestation. which in this case, a paid ff department would have had the same problem.

    i feel bashing the vol department was the wrong thing to say, N1alx, but i do understand being upset, with what appears to be a lengthy response time.
  15. Up North

    Up North Senior Member
    Messages: 921


    Love my Blizzard. Would definitely go with another Blizzard if I needed to. But since you don't have any Blizzard dealers near by, I wouldn't go a long distance to get one. You need the dealer close in the event of breakdown. But you know all that, it's not like this is your first set up. Good luck and sorry to hear about the rig burning, not cool. But at least you're okay.

  16. n1alx

    n1alx Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    insnow4fun, you might have misundestood, I never meant to bash volunteer firefighters...I am actually one myself. There could be many factors that affect response time, # of members, weather, time of day. Daytime calls are hard. Most members work daytime jobs, and only some of them work in the area. Not all employers let them leave for emergencies...

    In our town, we have about 8-10 out of 33 firefighters who can leave work and work in the area. As a volunteer department, our response time can be anywhere from 4-30 minutes from the tones...

    Getting plowed in by the town trucks is a possibility, but rarely happens here.

    Many departments in our area have hired a few or are considering hiring a few career firefighters for daytime coverage. They can also provide EMS services, which we have diffuculty obtaining b/c our ambulance provider is about 10-15 minutes away with low traffic. Whether or not Beckley, WV is a 100% volunteer department I don't know. I support the Fire Service 100% and I hope you do too.
  17. Plow Meister

    Plow Meister PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,174

    I am on our towns volunteer department and we would never have a 15 minute response time. From the time the tone goes off my truck leaves the fire house in less than 45 seconds and on scene in less than 2 minutes. We have a town of 18,000 and 3 stations with 10 aparatus including a tower and 2 quints.

    We have an anual payroll of about $50,000 for our entire department. If we were to go full time it would go up to about $1,000,000 per year. Where would that money come from? :rolleyes:

    It has nothing to do with full time versus volunteer.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2005
  18. insnow4fun

    insnow4fun Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 43

    sorry, i did mis understand

    didn't mean to turn this into a firefighter forum....lol...

    N1alx, sorry, thought you were bashing the 15 minute response. here we sometimes have a battle between the career and vol firefighters. at the end of the day, they hang their helmets up the same and put their bunker pants on the same way. so that is why i thought you were bashing.

    seems like we are on the same page.
  19. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Sorry to hear that but glad you didn't get injured! Your post has reminded me to put a new fire extinguisher in my Jeep though. Hope you get yourself another truck in time to be able to plow the rest of the season. Wish you luck.
  20. Firebrands

    Firebrands Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Seems like a good lesson to all, to carry at least a 2A-10BC extinguisher in your rig. You probably could have put that fire out before it caused major damage. Check with your local fire equipment supply house. It will probably run you around $50. Get a name brand professional extinguisher that will be servicable and rechargable. I carry an "Amerex" on mine. "An ounce of prevention".......you know the rest.