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I had my new Boss v on today and noticed that when I was in traffic or sitting at a light and was not pressing the gas the front of my truck was shaking or bouncing. It's a 2001 F-350 PSD. Does anyone know what this is?

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That sounds about right. Is your front end sagging pretty bad? If that is the case, I would seriously consider getting another leaf thrown in as well as some Timbrens... or it may be a very long winter. That can put your steering at bad angles, which will make your truck more difficult to control, as well as wear out your steering components much quicker.


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You may also want to check out your shocks. Actually, more like the bushings for the shocks. If the truck has already seen a year of plowing, the shock bushings are the first to go on new Fords. If they are bad than I would highly recomment using a shock with polyurethane bushings v/s the standard rubber ones. I run Rancho RS9000 shocks on my personal truck and use Skyjacker Softride shocks on the rest. Both have urethane bushings and both work fantastic.

If add-a-leafs are what you need than Skyjacker can help you in that department also. Don't forget that installing add-a-leafs will mean you will have to reposition your plow mounts to obtain the best angle of attack with the blade.

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im new but ill give this a shot. i think the diesel engine weighs alot more than if u had a gas engine f350 so the added weight of the diesel engine plus the weight of the plow makes it sag quite a bit. how heavy is that boss plow and what size? a guy i know has a newer f350 diesel with an 8 1/2 fisher v plow and it barely sags and i know that particular fisher v weighs about 880, thats what the fisher site says. so how big and how much does the boss weigh?

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