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trouble with ford 460

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 84406, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. 84406

    84406 Junior Member
    from canada
    Messages: 17

    I have an 87 ford pickup with a 460. I had a bit of ignition trouble and replaced the box, cap, rotor and coil and things seemed ok. I usually drive the truck easy and had a requirement to use full throttle and then the problem. I have been working on this for a few days. Today I warmed the truck until the gauge read normal and then did 18 full throttle runs to red line in second and third. Ran perfect, back barrels opening and going really well and I thought some of the stuff I had done fixed things. Got close to home and tried once more and it burbled. I shut if off and let it heat sink and then tried once more and it fell on its face with anything more than 1\2 thottle. Same thing happened 2 days ago. I changed the fuel filter today. Usually when there is a fuel problem you will get 1 or 2 seconds of throttle before it runs out of gas. Not so with this. I have a fuel pump on order and have a carb kit after that. Any ideas? I have also loosened the fuel tank caps incase there was a plugged vent. I have taken off and plugged most of the vacuum lines that reference the evap fuel canister.
  2. SCSIndust

    SCSIndust Senior Member
    Messages: 280

    I had the same problem with my 87 460. I sold it before I fixed the problem, but I know it was in need of a carb rebuild, or better yet, a new carb. I sold mine to buy a diesel. So much better...