Trouble with angle Meyer E47 pump

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by rdzimmerman, Jan 5, 2001.

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    I have a Meyer E47 pump that angles left even when I try to angle right. I have magnatizame to the valves, replaced the couplings & crossover relief valve but still only angles left. What now?
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    check this

    have you reversed your hose on your ram (on the plow) by servicing it recently?in other words did u notice that the hose is switched ?(l to r)or (r to l)?2)check your wiring red w/ red gr. w/ gr. black w/ black (up / down )finally , check your motor ,cold b on its way out.pop the cap lid on top of the motor,check the contacts,brushes. again check all your WIRING,POS. NEG. TITE? CELONOID ??? COULD B SEPARATED WHERE THE WIRE CUMS OUT THE CELONOID ITSELF!wiggle it.check your FIREWALL celonoid too.

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    If I remember correctly, the straight through path of oil for and E47 when the pump works is to angle left. Activating the right switch does two things - it turns on the solinoid under the hood to power the motor, and applies power to certain solinoid(s) to direct the oil to the other angle direction.

    Sorry I don't have my Meyer manual handy, but you can test to see if the solinoid gets power when switched to the right. Pull the exciter lead off the solinoid so you don't have to listen to the pump work in relief while you trouble shoot. If no power, trace the wires back to find the break. If power, suspect a toasted solinoid.

    Others here will be quick to provide descriptions of the solinoids involved.
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    The problem is most likely the C coil. It is the one with the green wire going to it. When you move the switch to angle right, the C coil is energized. Use a test light to verify that it is getting power when you move the switch in the cab to angle right. IF it is getting power, then you need to remove the C coil, and check the O rings on it. If they are in good condition, then replace the C coil. If they are not in good condition, then replace the O rings and see if that cures the problem. If replacing the C coil doesn't cure the problem, then the PA (Power Angle) block needs to be replaced.
    There is nothing wrong with your motor or solenoid. The motor pumps fluid like it should. There is only one solenoid, and that is in the power wire to the pump motor. There is 1 Coil that controls the flow of fluid through the PA block, the coil energizes, to open the valve, when is not energized, the valve closes. JD is correct, when angling left, no coils are energized. When angling right, the C coil is energized. When raising the plow, the B coil is energized. When lowering, the A coil is energized.

    Even if you had somehow reversed the angle hoses, the plow would still angle both ways, just reverse of what the switches are marked as.


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    9 ft.piles why do you quote what everybody has said we read it once i dont think we need to see it over and over again.