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Please bear with me on this one. I am new and as you can see by my post under this one I still haven't got a plow. I have been in the residential/Commercial mowing and fert. business for 6 years and am finally getting around to plowing. I hear a lot of you guys talking about the trigger you use to begin plowing. And I am sure this depends on your area. Anyone know what is a good "rule of thumb" trigger to use. I know at our church a few years ago a guy was going by 4" trigger. I thought that was quite a bit.

I guess I want to know do you guys have the same trigger amount for every account. Or will you do varying amounts with varying pricing. Obviously your useing alot more time and resources pushing 4" around then you are when its just 2". I live in NE Indiana and I want to offer my removal services currently just to my lawn care customers. I turned down a really nice truck stop last year and I kick myself now. Thanks for any help. Joe

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The one thing I've learned about "Rule of Thumb" is that there is no Rule of Thumb that will apply to all regions of the country. Generally, businesses will not tolerate as much accumulation as residential. Around here, though, small businesses may let several inches accumulate before they want it pushed. I had a residential last year that didn't want 8" pushed (to save money). Two years ago, I walked through about 4" at WalMart. I see on here that some metropolitan areas want 1" pushed with salting under 1". You're going to want to talk to your customer to get an idea of what level of service they want and remind them that they opening themselves to liability. I've got one small beauty shop that's insisting on zero accumulation and sanding for that very reason (little old ladies coming to the shop regardless of the weather). This year, I've been going for Post Offices and schools and writing contracts for a 2" trigger and plowing to start at 2" - 4".

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In S E Indiana most of us use the 2" for businesses(any place that will have paying customers on there lots),and 3 to 4 for res.clients. A lot depends on what people are willing to put up with. As a plow contractor it is our job to do the best for our cusromers,and I don't feel that a 2" trigger is out of bounds in my area in most places.
You have to know how to sell the customer on this.
I have picked up 2 new accts. , because of the trigger thing.
one retail location was not plowing under 4", I talked with them and explained that the more they let pile up and pack down the more costly it is to have it removed. Another apt complex had the same thinking.
Yes the customer will pay more for 4" - 6" the 2"-3", for the simple fact that it will take you more time to move the deeper amount of snow, if you chg by the hour. if you contract per pust get the higher rate to protect yourself for heavier snows
The apt . would let the lots get nasty before they would contact anyone, (Had no contracts for plowing)I finally got there attention with $$$. Last year alone I saved them several $'s. and kept their lots in much better shape. Plus made $$ for us. Rather than having to use loaders etc. at a higher rate we used 1 V , 1 streight blade for backdragging, and a small tractor on the walks. Did a better job made everyone happy.

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