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chris k

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Foxboro, MA
what do you guys use. Sand and salt mix or one of the alternative forms. What's the reason. I have a speedcaster2 that does not like the sand salt mix once it gets wet. Any suggestions? Do they make a vibrator attachment?
Just picked up on this thread. Being from BC it seems that either we are behind, or ahead, or who knows. The city has started using liquid deicers in the last two years, all of the plow people use a sand/salt mix. I have not seen anyone using salt here. I'm not sure why but suspect it is a cost factor? How much salt would you use on a mile of road? How would that compare to sand/salt mix? Another concern here is corrosion, at one time it was easy to spot the cars from the east because the bottom half was brown.:) I can't say that the same applies to today,different material? A more corrosion resistant vehicle? I hope this thread gets a few responses.
Straight salt here.Coated salt like magic and others helps improve the capabilities of the salt.

Liquids will be the way in the near future,but right now,it's a pretty steep learning curve.Too many variables,too much room for error.

As far as how much salt to use,it depends on conditions.A light dusting of snow at warm temps will require way less salt than 2" of snow or a 1/4" of ice at colder temps.Traffic,and sun also play a big part in activating the salt.Anywhere from a 1\4 ton to a over a ton may be neccesary.You would need a lot more if using mix,as it has less melting capabilities.

I'm suprised your having problems with the speedcaster2 with wet sand.It should throw it no problem.Could the belt be loose ?

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For budgeting purpose, I allow 3 yards of sand/salt per mile for a private road. As mentioned, sand/salt has little to no melting capability but using straight salt in this area is not feasible. Three yards would be for a worst-case scenario, like thick ice. Generally, I use equivalent to 2 yards per mile.

Next winter, I'm hoping to use bulk Magic Salt on paved areas and still use sand/salt on gravel and hard pack.


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Straight Salt, and have started using pre-wetting this year with diferent products. Not really sure how the pre-wetting is going but the salt is the better way to go, better than sand/salt mix. It takes a little getting used to and a your customers must learn how it works cause they are used to seeing a parking lot all brown with sand after you leave but my personal opionion is that it is better. Just My two cents


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we use both straight salt and salt/sand mix, straight salt for melting snow and light ice, salt/sand mix for different situations, heavy ice, instant traction (if a semi is stuck) or if the temps are really cold (below 0) but for the most part we use far more salt that the mix

rick barnes

I'm from the old school. stright salt!!

have tried a couple of liquide and just have had NO luck with them, guess I'm gonna have to spend the next storm with Ceaman to see how the liquid pros do it to get results.
ALSO " DON"T" pretreat salt with the molassas type liquid in a tailgate spreader. had a very hard time getting it to flow out , will work with a vee box great but not a Buyers tailgate unit.
MY 2


Chief Plow

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upstate new york
We use straight 100% salt. Unless the temps start to fall around 0, then we use 50/50 salt sand. We are looking into treating the salt in the hoppers with magic liquid. Anyone have an opinion on this? I have read a couple of posts here ( can't remember where ) If I recall there was a test done woth both treated and untreated salt. I can't remember the outcome. Plus I am having a difficult time trying to find liquid magic around here. You mention it and people look at you like you have 2 heads.


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