Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Mowman, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. Mowman

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  2. John DiMartino

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    Automatic,all the way,GM makes good auto trannys,this one will hold up well.If your plowing with it,it is much faster,just put an auxilary cooler on it.
  3. SlimJim Z71

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    Another thing I like to do after plowing hard for a little while, park, put the truck in neutral, and rev the engine up to about 2000-RPM for about a minute or two. Helps cool the trans off by pulling air through the cooler faster.

  4. RB

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    Auto all the way!
  5. GeoffD

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    Auto, I even plow with autos in my F 650s and F 750s.

  6. thelandscaper27

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    why not Standard Trannys? The power is there when you need it.
  7. Alan

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    Cuz a manual tranny is too slow and too much fatigue.
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    I don't remember starting this thread, but it says i didn't. hmm thats weird.

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    Geoff, on my screen it shows Mowman started it over a year ago.

    from ohio
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    must be a glitch..........mine shows geoff on the list of threads
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    Mine shows Geoff started it,Ive noticed that before,but thought I maybe ahd a little to much to drink,so i kept quite.
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    Maybe the server is a little overloaded.

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    On the forum main page it shows Geoff as the thread starter, but the thread itself has Mowman as the first post. I've noticed the same thing once or twice on other you haven't had too much to drink John! ;)

    One other issue with manual vs automatic I have seen is driver skill. Granted, when plowing one can destroy an automatic in short order by shifting between D and R before the truck has completely stopped, but for general driving there isn't too much you can do to 'em. Watching some of the guys drive "my" welding truck at work (4 spd) is a different story sometimes............. :rolleyes:
  14. plowjockey

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    Is that why they call going to work back to the old grind?

    Really though just look at all of the automatics that are strong as anything.
    I like my manual in the C-70 but I wouldn't want it in my K-2500 to plow with. Offroad might be a different story though.

  15. digger242j

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    I had posted in another thread somewhere that when I was plowing with a GMC K 3500 that had a 4 speed I'd get the trans warm enough that I could smell gear oil in the cab. I had lots of smaller spaces to get in and out of, so there was A LOT of froward and reverse shifting, and AN AWFUL LOT of wear on the clutch. Unless you're doing wide open lots or roads I'd consider it a no-brainer to go automatic.
  16. thelandscaper27

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    thankyou. I'm always hearing nothing but automatic trannys.
    I was wondering why I haven't heared anyone use Satndard.
    Thanks again. ;)
  17. thegrasscatcher

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    All but one of my trucks are standard. Its just been an affordability point to buy standards. I think that on more than one occasion, the standards have kept/got me out of being stuck because i can control how much power I want to go to the wheels, etc. But for a comfort and fatigue point, auto is the way to go.. pressing the clutch a few thousand times a night is not easy on the leg..

  18. BRL

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    "On the forum main page it shows Geoff as the thread starter, but the thread itself has Mowman as the first post. I've noticed the same thing once or twice on other threads....................."

    This seems to happen whenever someone brings back an old thread. My guess is that it shows the last person who posted, instead of the thread starter, on the main Forum page.

    My legs get sore from driving the automatics while plowing, so I can only imagine how they'd feel with standard. I have some subs with standards & they seem to limit their available times based on how long they can stand the pain LOL. We do our best to keep those trucks in the biggest lots possible.
  19. Remsen1

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    I understand that there are certain situations that you can get out of better with a manual, but there are also situations that a manual gets you into. One example would be your foot slipping of the clutch pedal, or stalling it when you desperately need to keep your momentum, or popping the clutch just a little too much without thinking first and making yourself a nice little hole to spin in. They may sound like little silly things, but when you have been awake for 24 hours they become reality.

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    hi gang this isn't the 1920's go with the auto. if you buy a standard you might as well tell them you want a hand crank instead of a's hard to drink a cup of coffie and shifting.:)