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My 83 chevy has a built TH700r4 in it, and after I burnt out the stock one, I put in a temp gauge with a very large auxilary cooler. Sometimes when I tow up hills, or am running with a heavy load up a hill, I can still make it heat up pretty good, if I stay in the gas hard. I was wondering what all of you had for opinions as for the top operating temperature I should keep for a sustained period. Right now when it hits about 180 I've been backing off a bit. I never tow in overdrive. The worst I've noticed was about 225 degrees after flying up a mountain pass, mad at the girlfriend about something, and not paying attention. Thanks for the input.


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A pretty good rule of thumb about trans temps is you don't want it to get past the temp on the engine.. trans are very temperamental to heat.. and if not watched can burn up in a hot minute..(no pun intended. In my oppinion 225 is about the max temp that you would want to run.. its about what I would call a yellow line at about 250 your burning your going to hurt your trans..


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Heat kills! 700r4 with shift kit will help with slippage which creates heat. How did you rout your trans cooler lines? Are you using an aux. cooler looped through the factory one? Starting with the bottom line connection on the trans how have your run your lines? If any of the lines are too close to the exhaust you will be asking for trouble going up those hills.

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I wouldnt worry about a spike of 225,as long as its not running there continously,I like the normal operating temp to be 180-200 max-if its a 200 or higher regularly-time for a bigger cooler.

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