transmission cracked?



I got a crack on the top of my transmission (turbo 350)right by the transfercase(NP 203) and I got a tube of JB Weld will that seal the crack and fix the problem.

Bill c Veteran
I doubt that the jb weld will work.With my past experience with cobbing stuff with jb weld it has only worked on pluging holes and not fixing cracks that are caused by some kind of stress on the broken part


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My tranny cracked in the same place. Tried JB weld, it didn't work. Too much stress for the jb weld. Used rtv silicone to keep the leaking down but it has now cracked all the way around. Time to replace it.


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I cracked the top of a 700R4 on a pontiac trans am with a 350 HP motor- broke the motor mount thru holes off with part of the bell housing- jb welded it and it has held for about 1K miles now

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