Transmission cooler


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I currently run a 98 Ram 1500 with the 318 and auto. I don't have the towing package which means I only have the standard trans. cooler. I pull a trailer with about 3500 lbs total weight. I figure a cooler couldn't hurt, but which kind (Landscapers Supply has one for about $100) to get and can I put it on? A guy I know told me that its like a hydro system on a mower and you can't let any air bubbles get in it when installing it which I think would be near impossible. Anyways any advice would be appreciated.

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I'm not 100% sure of the details of spec'ing and installing a trans cooler on your truck (I'm into (older) Chevys myself :D ) but typically, the best place to mount them is in front of your radiator, with the fluid lines going from your transmission, through the stock in-the-rad cooler, then to the aftermarket cooler and back to the transmission - follow the instructions that come with the cooler!

There are different size units available, I would say don't be afraid to go with a fairly large cooler.

This winter, I replaced the one on my truck (old one was starting to leak a bit) and there was one thing I didn't like about the replacement cooler kit: It came with mounting hardware consisting of large plastic washers and 4 zip-tie like strips. According to the instructions, you were supposed to set the cooler up against the rad with four foam pads in between. Then put a washer on one end of the zip-tie strip, feed it through the fins of the cooler & rad and place a washer on the other side & pull the strip tight. One of these at each corner of the cooler was the mounting system. I didn't like the idea of having things shoved up against & pushed through my rad, so I fabbed my own mounting brackets for the new cooler. Check the cooler's mounting hardware before you buy one!

As for keeping the air out of the fluid lines while installing the new cooler, I've never heard anyone mention that before and have had no problems with mine since the installation.

Hope this info is of some help to you!