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I was wondering what other people opions are on the 205 and 208 transfercases, I currently am building my 3rd Chevy and have always had a 205, broken a couple of seals here and there but never any real damage, the 208 in my 81 hd 3/4 ton looks bigger and looks like its made out of aluminum, when I go wheelin I dont want to break anything, any advice or stories about the 208?

Any input about anything is better than nothing.,



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I have a 208 in my 83 chevy, and have never had a problem with it, except the fact that it leaks from around the tail shaft a bit. It is an aluminum case, with a chain drive. Major benefit is that it's light, and has a nice low, low range. The 205 on the other hand is much more bullet proof, I've been told. I have abused the hell out of my 208 without any problems, but I may just be lucky. If you're gunna be really ripping off road, I've heard the 205 is the way to go. It's cast iron case, gear driven.



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OK, i will fight for the 205 transfer case ALL DAY LONG. Hands down, a better unit for any truck, except for the weight. Heres how it breaks down. The 203 is a full time 4 wheel drive transfer case and it is chain driven and made out of cast iron. Good unit, but the chain is the weakness. in time, the chains stretch out and it will start slipping. The 205 is GEAR driven and in a cast iron case. The 208 is chain driven in an aluminum case. Not a bad unit, but between it being aluminum and chain driven, i dont like it. I had ONE of those and it used to slip out of everything except 2hi. I have always had sucess with the 205 case and thats what I think you should go for. Good luck.


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