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All right boys whats the true definition of full time four wheel drive? I read that a 203 T-case was full time. Does that mean it's really in four wheel drive all the time? Or does that just mean that when it is in four wheel drive, the front and rear driveshafts turn independently, preventing bind-up? My new process T-case is part time, right? Me and my buddies don't get the definition we read in Four Wheeler Magazine, and I thought you guys could clear it up. Thanks.


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Full time 4wd means the truck is turning front and rear axels all the time. the 203 t case has a high and low lock feature that keeps power to all 4 wheels and wont let the differentials un lock. Great for very low traction conditions, but not so good for turning, very easy to bind the t case. <br>If you have locking hubs then you have a part time case. All newer full size trucks have part time 4wd. Most use a vacume actuator to engage the front end, the newest trucks use an electrcal actuator.


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The 203 works like an open differential when not locked. If the front drive shaft is easier to spin than the rear drive shaft the front will do the work. Just get stuck one time without the case locked.


A NP203 was classified as the &quot;premium atomatic&quot; transfer case. Yes it is full time. The power is deverted to the front tires first with no load, but as spin is encountered, the rear tires will get some action , aiding in traction. So it is like a differential, but front ot back instead of side to side. To get a better feel for the idea, look at the way the ALL WHEEL DRIVE vans and such of today work. It was that idea without the technology of now that inspired the 203. That is why you cannot just put a set of lockouts up front without the conversion kit in the 203 case to make it part time, you will always be turning the front axle, and if there is no load on it it screws up the internals.


Not to mention what happens if you jack up one axle off the ground on one of the fulltime NP 203 equipped trucks!!! Better make sure it's in one of the &quot;Loc&quot; positions, and that the wheels are blocked first!!<br>and how do I know this???? ;-)<p>~Chuck<p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>

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