Transfer Case ?


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Saint Joseph
I was just wondering what it means if you have a divorced transfer case ? I also saw a truck the other day that had two shifters for the transfer case but I have saw that before and it has the same transfer case as I have but whats the use of it ?

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I'm not sure about the two levers, but my understanding is that the term "divorced" transfer case refers to one that is mounted separate from the tranmission and has a driveshaft going into it from the transmission (input side) then the two shafts that run to your axles (output side)

This is in contrast to having the transfer case bolted directly to the end of the transmission, which is the way the vast majority of 4wd trucks are built.

While requiring more moving parts (that extra driveshaft and it's attendant U-joints for example) and mounting hardware, having the transfer case "divorced" or"remote" - another term I have heard used - is good for allowing the front and rear shafts to be the same length or very nearly so, which helps solve the problem of that short front shaft and the extreme driveline angles you can run into, especially on a lifted truck.